Farragut Music Teacher Jobs

Farragut Music Teacher Jobs

Do You Want To Teach Music?

Farragut Music Teacher Jobs | Knoxville Academy of Music (1)Maybe you’ve been thinking you have what it takes to give good music lessons, but you don’t know how to get started. Breaking into the music lesson business poses many challenges. You may be asking yourself- How am I going to get and schedule students? Where will I teach? How will I get paid? What will I do about make up lessons?

Knoxville Academy of Music is Farragut Music Teacher Jobs | Knoxville Academy of Music (2)looking for music teachers for regularly scheduled and substitute lessons. We teach the most popular instruments- guitar, piano, voice, drums, & bass. We also have students on violin, mandolin, banjo, and ukulele. So, we are particularly interested in multi-instrumental instructors.

Are We The Ideal Place For You To Teach?

Farragut Music Teacher Jobs | Knoxville Academy of Music (3)At our academy we take care of the advertising,  scheduling, provide the studios, collect fees & pay instructors, and have a working make up lesson system. You can concentrate on giving great lessons.

Are You An Ideal Music Teacher For Our Academy?

We want music teachers that; are punctual, have a neat appearance, have clear and efficient communication skills, are upbeat, have good social skills, and are enthusiastic about helping people learn to play music.

Other requirements- All music teachers must undergo a thorough background check, and be musically literate.

Interested? Send an email titled “Instructor Questionnaire Request, (your name)” to jobs@alliedmusicinstructors.com. You will be sent our standard questionnaire.

Fill out the questionnaire and save as “Instructor Questionnaire (your name)”. Then return it to jobs@alliedmusicinstructors.com along with a resume, cover letter, and three references. Attach in separate word docs. No calls please.




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