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October 2014

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Director’s Announcements

Getting the Most Out Of Practice: Eliminating the Fear of Mistakes & Performance Anxiety

October Make Up Classes

Referral Rewards Program

New Students Since September 1st

Students of the Month: Nandini & Vrinda R.

Is Your Instructor Sold Out??

Sports Corner: October

Directors Announcements

Our Winter Recital date is set!  It will be Saturday, December 6 at Sherrill Hills Retirement Community off of N. Cedar Bluff Rd. Start picking out the piece you want to perform and recital time sign ups are at the front desk!

The master class with Gaëlle Solal on September 20th at our Knoxville Academy was a huge success!  Thank you to all who attended.

The 2015 Holidays Break Schedule is now available!

There will be no lessons on:

March 17-21,

May 25,

July 4,

September 7,

October 12-13,

November 25-28,

December 22-31.

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Getting the Most Out of Practice

Eliminating Fear of Mistakes & Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety, or the fear of performing, can be a pretty big Farragut & Knoxville Academy of Music - Getting The Most Out of Practicedeal for any music student. Musicians as young as 5 & 6 years old are usually not overly self-conscious about performing but students over the age of 7 are more so. Around the age of 7 or 8 years old, children start to become more aware of their place in society and start to be concerned about what others think of them. In reality, this is something most of us do to some extent, and probably will do, in some part, for the rest of our lives. This comes from a common subconscious desire for approval and accordingly, fear of disapproval.

When a student has to perform at a recital or for the instructor, their family, or friends they fear mistakes, mistakenly associating mistakes with disapproval. Even just practicing by ourselves we may fear mistakes; after all, we want our own approval too.

In life, when we experience fear our automatic physical response is often to tense our muscles and hold our breath. When musicians fear mistakes they have the same response of tensing their arms and forgetting to breathe normally. So the stress or fear that comes from experiencing performance anxiety makes mistakes even more likely. Unfortunately, it is a cycle that can rob the musician of the joy of playing and in some cases leads to the student giving up altogether, if the fear is not addressed.  Performance anxiety can be addressed in two ways: by reducing mistakes and receiving or providing approval.

Mistakes usually come from a lack of clarity and confidence on the part of the performer. Without clarity, how can they be confident? Mistakes can be reduced through clarity which can be gained by 3 things: learning to imagine, in great detail, all that is required to play the music; practicing at a tempo that is slow enough to allow the student to play without mistakes; and learning the music in small parts and repeating correctly until it is easy. When a performer can clearly imagine the music and how to play it, confidence is high, success is likely, and fear is reduced or even eliminated.

Next month I will continue to discuss performance anxiety and how to receive and provide approval. Until then-

Happy practicing,

Jeff Comas

Director, Farragut & Knoxville Academies of Music


October Make Up Classes

– All classes are 1 hour long –

October 4th ~ Knoxville Academy

11:00am- Beginning Guitar

12:00pm- Blues

October 11th ~ Farragut Academy

9:00am- Young Beginning Piano

10:00am- String Instruments (no guitar)

October 18th ~ Knoxville Academy

10:00am- Music Theory

11:00am- Harmony (ages 13+)

October 25th ~ Farragut Academy

11:00am- Young Beginning Guitar

12:00pm- Improvisation

Call (865) 675 – 1655 or (865) 690 – 1655

to schedule your make up today!


Referral Rewards Program

A Very Big ‘Thank You!’ To:

Carol Baeske and Beth Young

each of whom has referred their friends to us last month!

Every current client who refers new students to us will receive a $25 credit on their next month’s tuition when their referral signs up and pays for their first month of lessons!

Farragut & Knoxville Academy of Music - Referral Program Card


New Students Since September 1st

Farragut & Knoxville Academy of Music - New Students - September 2014

Students of the Month: Nandini & Vrinda R

What instrument do you play?

Nandini – Guitar & PianoFarragut & Knoxville Academy of Music - SOTM - 10-2014

Vrinda – Guitar, Piano & Violin

Who are your favorite musical artists?

Nandini – Panic! At the Disco, Bastille, MKTO, Neon Trees

Vrinda – Sia, Taylor Swift, MKTO, Neon Trees

What are your other hobbies besides music?

Nandini – painting, sculpting, basketball, dancing, reading (Percy Jackson Series)

Vrinda – swimming, dancing, painting, singing, sculpting, drawing & basketball

How long have you been taking lessons?

Nandini & Vrinda – 2 years; 4 months at Farragut Academy of Music

Favorite Foods:

Nandini – Pizza, Tacos, Eggplant Parmesean

Vrinda – Lasagna, Ravioli, McFlurries

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past 3 months?

Nandini – Guitar Chords – E minor

Vrinda – Guitar Chords – C major

Have you recently achieved something great?

Nandini – 6th Place in Pelissippi State Math Competition

Vrinda – All A’s and Honors Math

What made you want to start taking music lessons?

Nandini – Since I love listening to music, I thought I’d like

to make my own!

Vrinda – I love music and my mom’s best friend plays guitar.

We have been listening to her play since we were little.

Do you have any performances coming up?

Nandini & Vrinda – Dance Recital in November


Is Your Instructor Sold Out??

Clay Blanchett (guitar, Childbloom®) has a few openings after school on Tuesdays!

Doug Bowling (guitar, Childbloom®) has a couple early evening spots on Wednesdays & Thursdays!

Chris Brock (banjo, guitar, mandolin & more) has new openings on SATURDAYS and some spots early on Thursday evenings!

Dave Campbell (drums, voice, beginning piano) has a few after school openings left on Thursdays and openings early Monday evenings.

Jim Cooper (guitar – electric & acoustic) is available after school on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Andy Freeman(piano, banjo) has some after school times on Wednesdays and SATURDAY mornings.

Caleb Hall (brass & woodwinds, guitar, piano & more) is almost completely sold out on Tuesdays but has a few after school times on Mondays!

Phil King (piano, voice, violin) has a couple after school times open on Mondays and then he’s sold out!

Lori Kitts (guitar, voice, piano) only has 1 spot left until she is completely sold out!

Susan Nielsen(voice, piano, violin) is almost sold out with a few  openings on Fridays and Mondays.

Michelle Quimby(guitar, Childbloom®, Piano & more) only has a couple of openings left before she is sold out!

Jamie Seiple(drums, bass) has a few after school openings on Mondays and Fridays and is available SATURDAYS!


Sports Corner: October

In order to make the publishing deadline I am writing this before the Georgia game. As it stands right now, Tennessee has two wins and one loss. The first two wins were pretty convincing. Despite the loss by a fairly large margin, the unranked Vols actually put up a pretty good fight against Oklahoma, one of the top ranked teams in the country.

Many Vols fans are optimistic, and I must say I am too. I think the big difference is the players love to play for Butch Jones. He is demanding but loving, and works to make practice effective and fun.

Despite my optimism, I’m not changing my prediction. So far I’m right on the money. However, Florida struggled against Kentucky. Could I be wrong about that game? I hope so.

Jeff's Sports Corner - Tennessee Football Predictions - 10-2014