December 2014 Newsletter

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December 2014

Director’s Announcements

Welcome to Travis Strike, our newest guitar instructor!  For more information on Travis, see inside.

We want to invite everyone to our recital on Saturday, December 6th to see everyone’s progress!  We know you have been practicing hard and we can’t wait to hear you perform!

Shannondale Living Center is welcoming any of our students to perform in any of their Thursday night line-ups.  Practice and get an audience all at once!  Contact Misha at our Knoxville Academy for more information.

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There will be no lessons for Christmas & New Years starting Dec. 23rd.  Lessons will resume Saturday, Jan. 3rd.


The Perfect Gifts for Musicians

Christmas is just around the corner and we know the musicians in your life are going to love these musically oriented gifts. Here is a list of stocking stuffer musical accessories we carry in our retail areas at our academies that they’re sure to love!

• Metronome • Tuner • Music Stand • Guitar Stand •

• Song Books (like Easy Pop Melodies) • Peg Winder •

• Music Composition Pad • New Set of Drum Sticks • Gig Bag •

• The (Amazing) Spider Capo •

The Spider Capo is so unique because it lets you to tune each string individually! This allows you to play literally hundreds of different tunes without completely de-tuning your instrument. Works for electric, classical, acoustic steel, and nylon guitars.  The spider capo can work on anything from a ukulele to an eight-string guitar. This is a great way to experiment with new ways of playing your favorite tunes, and indulge your creativity playing what was previously not possible on a guitar!

Inside this issue we have included a certificate for a FREE $5.00 retail credit at our academies as a special holiday gift for our current clients! Additionally, from now until Dec. 22, 2014 we will be offering 10% off books, 20% off any other items, and 35% off Guitar Stands & Drum Sticks.

If you have something bigger in mind I recommend locally owned Music Room Guitars, for great finds on used & vintage instruments.  Be sure to ask for Brad Gibson. I also recommend Guitar Center for their wide selection (ask for Jimmy Overbay or John Springer there) and I also recommend Sweetwater Sound for mail order, because they have excellent customer service.  Mike Picot is the man you want to talk to at Sweetwater.

Either way let them know Jeff Comas from the Farragut/Knoxville Academy of Music sent you and they’re sure to give you the best service.

Have a Merry Christmas and a musical New Year!

Jeff Comas, Director Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music


A Very Big ‘Thank You!’ To

 Cindi Alpert

who referred her friends to us last month!

Every current client who refers new students to us will receive a $25 credit on their next month’s tuition when their referral signs up and pays for their first month of lessons!

Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music | Referral Program Card (Dec 2014)

May not be combined with other offers. No cash value. Offer limited to first time students only. Must present this card upon registration.


December Make Up Classes

– All classes are 1 hour long –

 December 6th ~ Knoxville Academy

12:00pm- Beginning Guitar

1:00pm- Advanced Guitar

December 13th ~ Farragut Academy

9:00am- Beginning/Intermediate Piano

10:00am- String Instruments (no guitar)

December 20th ~ Knoxville Academy

10:00pm- Intermediate Guitar

11:00am- Chords (ages 13+)

Call 690.1655 or 675.1655 to schedule

your make up today!


Is Your Instructor

 Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music | Sold Out Intructors

Clay Blanchett (guitar, Childbloom®) has a few openings after school on Tuesdays and Monday nights but is almost sold out!

Doug Bowling (guitar, Childbloom®) has a couple early evening spots on Mondays & Thursdays!

Chris Brock (banjo, guitar, mandolin & more) has a few openings left on SATURDAYS and some spots on early Thursday evenings!

Dave Campbell (drums, voice, beginning piano) has a few openings early Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Jim Cooper (guitar) has a few after school spots on Wednesdays and is now available on Mondays and Fridays!

Andy Freeman (piano, banjo) has some spots after school on Wednesdays and SATURDAY mornings!

Casey Green (drums) has openings Wednesday afternoons,

Thursday evenings and SATURDAY mornings!

Caleb Hall (brass & woodwinds, guitar, piano & more) has a few after school times on Mondays!

Phil King (piano, voice, violin) has new openings on Thursdays before he is sold out!

Lori Kitts (guitar, voice, piano) only has 1 spot left until she is completely sold out!

Susan Nielsen (voice, piano, violin) is almost sold out with a few after school openings on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

Michelle Quimby (guitar, Childbloom®, Piano & more) only has a couple of openings left Thursday evenings before she is sold out!

Jamie Seiple (drums, bass) has a few after school openings on Fridays and is available SATURDAYS!

Travis Strike (guitar, bass)  has openings on Tuesday, Friday evenings and SATURDAYS!


Farragut/Knoxville Academy of Music

Welcomes Travis Strike

 Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music | Guitar Instructor Travis Strike“For over 30 years I have enjoyed developing my skills as a guitarist and musician. Now, I have the ability to guide others in their quest of learning the guitar.”

-Travis Strike


Travis has lived in the Knoxville area for more than 40 years. Originally, he picked up the guitar to fit in with his peers (many, many moons ago). Quickly he realized that he was able to not only express his creative side but also found loads of enjoyment in crafting music from six strings. Travis has also studied under Ben Bolt who mastered the guitar under Spanish classical guitar virtuoso, Andres Segovia.

Playing the guitar takes practice, patience and passion. Everyone can learn something new every time they pick up the guitar regardless of skill and experience. Travis said that he strives to teach each student in a way that is as unique as they are so that they are able to learn the necessary skills and foster their own passion for the instrument. The time spent practicing and in lessons should be fun and filled with discovery.



Student(s) of the Month – December Edition

Christian & Morgan I.

Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music | SOTM (Dec 2014)

What instrument do you play?

Christian & Morgan – Guitar

How long have you been taking lessons?

Christian & Morgan – 6 years

Who are your favorite musical artists?

Christian – 2Cellos, AC/DC, Fall Out Boy, Guster

Morgan – Taylor Swift, Avicii, The Piano Guys, Miranda Lambert,

The Band Perry

What are your other hobbies besides music?

Christian – Martial Arts, Hiking & Reading

Morgan – Reading, Martial Arts, & Drawing

Favorite Foods?

Christian – Steak

Morgan – Cheese & Sushi

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past 3 months?

Christian – Music Theory & Chord Progression

Morgan – Music Theory & Scales

Do you have any performances coming up?

Christian & Morgan – With Bella Corda for the Knoxville Guitar Society

Have you recently achieved something great?

Christian & Morgan – I just completed my second 5K run!


Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music | Christmas Coupon ($5 Retail Credit)


New Students Since November 1st

Maci B.            Orlando C.     Tom R.

Abigail C.         Joanna C.      Eden S.

John C.           Juliana E.       Samara S.

Maite E.           Gustavo G.     Carter W.

Jeremiah H.     Colby H.         Kathi R.

Abbey J.          Amanda L.      Lorena R.

Christina L.      Adam M.         Aiden P.

Aly P.


Sports Corner

I’m very happy to have been wrong about my prediction for the South Carolina game, and what an exciting game that overtime wins was. Steve Spurrier’s refusal to take questions at the post-game press conference was priceless.

With Kentucky’s strong start this year I was expecting a close game. But, KY went on a losing streak after the 1st 5 games, and Vols dominated them.

I had high hopes for the Missouri game. Mizz is a strong team this year that is in the drivers seat to win the SEC win the east, and play for the SEC championship. Despite the loss, the young Vols team, with key players injured or suspended, played the talented & experienced Tigers tough.

Last month I concluded by saying “I sure hope I’m talking about Tennessee’s upcoming Bowl Game next month.” In order to make our print deadline I have to write this article before the Vandy game. However, even though the Vols are technically not bowl eligible as of this writing, I could not feel more confident that the Vols will be victorious at Vanderbilt, and be bowl bound.

It looks like the Vols will most likely be headed to the Liberty bowl in Memphis and will probably play the West Virginia Mountaineers. WV has had similar results as the Vols against common opponents. They will likely come into the game with 7 wins under their belt, one more than TN. It’s a tough call, but looking strictly at the November games TN will have a winning record while WV will have at least three Nov losses. I think this works to TN’s favor and the Vols win this one.

Jeff Comas, Director Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music

Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music | Jeff's Sports Corner (Dec 2014)