January – February 2015 Newsletter

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January – February 2015

Director’s Announcements

· I’m really excited about our new academy location. It is going to be such a wonderful improvement to our operation. Read more in the lead article.

· What a FANTASTIC job everyone did at the recital! Thank you so much for participating and we couldn’t be prouder! Way to go!

Knoxville Academy of Music - Bravo

· Please help us welcome our newest Drum & Percussion Instructor, George Lawrence! For more about George, see inside.

· We are now able to accept American Express!

· No Lessons March 17 – 21.

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Exciting News!

Knoxville Academy of Music | New Mega School

On January 15, 2015 the Knoxville and Farragut Academies of Music announced that they would be moving into one new mega-school.

This new and larger facility is located at 11230 Kingston Pike, in the Brooklawn Shopping Center (less than ½ a mile from our current Farragut academy).

The new school will be known simply as the Knoxville Academy of Music. The new mega school will offer many advantages to students and families:

• More Lesson Times • Greater Variety of Instructors • More Parking • Greater Accessibility • Improved Waiting Areas • Bigger Retail Area •

In the new unified academy families will have: more scheduling options, easier access from both directions of Kingston Pike, access from Concord Road and Brooklawn St., ample convenient parking, a more attractive school, more retail items to choose from, and spacious reception & waiting areas.

The move will be scheduled as follows: All students currently taking lessons at the Farragut Academy (11161 Kingston Pike) will move to the new facility starting Feb. 2, 2015. All Students who currently attend the Knoxville Academy (1037 Summerwood Dr.) will start in the new location on March 2, 2015. All students will be able to keep their current schedule or may enquire about scheduling options, if desired.

We can’t wait to enhance your music education experience!

A Very Big ‘Thank You!’ To

Jason Lay who referred his friends

to us last month!

Every current client who refers new students to us will receive a $25 credit on their next month’s tuition when their referral signs up and pays for their first month of lessons!

Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music | Referral Program Card | Jan - Feb 2015

January Make Up Classes

– All classes are 1 hour long –

January 3rd~ Knoxville Academy

10 am- Beginning Blues
11 am- Intermediate/Advanced Guitar
12 pm- Ear Training

January 10th~ Farragut Academy

11 am- Drum & Percussion
12 pm- Rhythm & Meter
1 pm- Music Theory

January 17th~ Knoxville Academy

11 am- Chords (ages 13+)
12 pm- Young Beginning Guitar
1 pm- Beginning Guitar

January 24th~ Farragut Academy

10 am- Harmony
11 am- Beginning Piano
12 pm- Improvisation

January 31st~ Knoxville Academy

9 am- Intermediate/Advanced Piano
10 am- Voice
11 am- String Instruments (no guitar)

Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music
Welcomes George Lawrence!

Knoxville Academy of Music | Drum Teacher George Lawrence

Hailing from Jackson Mississippi, George has lived and worked in the major music centers of Los Angeles, Nashville, and Muscle Shoals Alabama, recording and touring around the world. He is known for his “deep pocket groove” and his ability to inspire other musicians to play their best. During the nineties he gained a reputation as one of the top sub drummers in the Nashville music scene. He played a couple of gigs with Poco in 1999, which led to his becoming a member of that band in 2004.

He has taught thousands of students, many who have gone on to become professional drummers and some who have become famous drummers. Of special note is student Keith Carlock, also from their mutual hometown of Jackson Mississippi, who is now recognized as one of the top drummers in the world working with the likes of Steely Dan, Sting, John Mayer and James Taylor. Pro and aspiring pro drummers from around the country seek George out for the highest level of instruction on the drum set.

George will be teaching on
Fridays from 1 pm – 4 pm.

Student of the Month

Silas E.

Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music | Student of the Month - Jan 2015

What instrument do you play? Guitar

How long have you been taking lessons? 2 months

Who are your favorite musical artists? Clay Blanchett

What are your other hobbies besides music? Playing Minecraft,
Boy Scouts

Favorite Foods: Apples, Chicken soup

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in the past 3 months? “Jingle Bells”

Have you recently achieved something great? I performed in my first recital last December!

What made you interested in taking music lessons? Because music is fun!

Around the Town – Resources for You

Guitar Repair:
Bryan Parris (865) 403-0046
The Sound Doctor (865) 771-9863

String Rental/Repair:
Wilhite Strings (865) 670-1888
Brian Epp (970) 903-2173

Piano Tuning/Repair:
American Piano (865) 671-3388

“5 Steps to Mastering Sight-reading”

Check out this article on JazzAdvice.com that talks about how to work on the skill of sight-reading.


“Sight-reading is not some magical skill that will just come to you one day because you attempt it every so often, it’s a skill that has finite elements that can be learned in a short amount of time and applied with success.”

Creating a Musical Home Environment

by Dr. Robert Cutietta

Your child spends more time at home than any other place. When creating any environment at home, it’s so important to include music in a meaningful way.

· Immerse your home in music. Have music playing in the home – any and all music.

· Actively listen to music. It is so important for your child to interact with music regularly. If you talk about how the music makes them feel, this often shows them that music is something that elicits a response.

· Sing with your child. Even if you don’t consider yourself prima donna, singing simple songs helps them internalize music.

· Dance with your child. Being able to find and move steadily to the beat is a fundamental to all future musical experiences.

· Make music together. Making music together emphasizes the power and joy of sharing music with others.

For more see: pbs.org/parents/education/music-arts/

Eat Well

Knoxville Academy of Music | Eat Well (Recommendation)

Over the past few months I’ve had a chance to meet Tracy Monday, owner of Mother Earth Meats at 11151 Kingston Pike. I’ve certainly been taking advantage of the superior food he offers at his shop, but also talking with him has been quite educational.

Ever wonder why the grocery store meats are always so red? Well, it turns out that much of the meat at grocery stores are treated with carbon monoxide gas. This process blocks the oxygen (which turns meat brown), even if the meat has spoiled. Tracy assures me that none of the meats he sells are gassed, nor treated with antibiotics or hormones.

Recently while at Mother Earth Meats, Tracy gets my attention and shows me some of the best looking (marbled) grass-fed cuts. I’m not going to pass this opportunity up (he is an expert after all). I buy three steaks, one for me, my wife, and a friend that is coming for dinner that weekend.

I’ll be honest, these steaks were not cheap but it was well worth it. After dinner we all agreed this was as good a steak as any of us have ever had, plus it was fresh, local and naturally raised.

Visit Mother Earth Meats, tell them I sent you, and you won’t be disappointed.
– Jeff

February Make Up Classes

– All classes are 1 hour long –

February 7 ~ Farragut Academy

10 am- Intermediate/Advanced Guitar
11 am- Beginning Guitar
12 pm- Young Beginning Guitar

February 14 ~ Knoxville Academy

10 am- Rhythm & Meter
11 am- Drum & Percussion
12 pm- Improvisation

February 21 ~ Farragut Academy

9 am- Voice
10 am- Beginning Piano
11 am- Intermediate/Advanced Piano

February 28 ~ Knoxville Academy

11 am- Chords Class
12 pm- Beginning Guitar
1 pm- Adult Blues Class

Is Your Instructor SOLD OUT?

Clay Blanchett (guitar, Childbloom®) has a few openings after school on Tuesdays and Monday nights but is almost sold out!

Doug Bowling (guitar, Childbloom®) has a couple of after school spots on Thursdays!

Chris Brock (banjo, guitar, mandolin & more) has a few openings left on SATURDAYS and some spots on early Monday evenings!

Dave Campbell (drums, voice, beginning piano) has a few openings early Thursday evenings.

Jim Cooper (guitar) has a few after school spots on Wednesdays and is now available on Fridays!

Andy Freeman (piano, banjo) has some spots after school on Wednesdays and SATURDAY mornings!

Casey Green (drums) has openings Wednesday and Thursday evenings as well as SATURDAY mornings!

Caleb Hall (brass & woodwinds, guitar, piano & more) has a few after school times on Mondays!

Phil King (piano, voice, violin) has new openings on Thursdays before he is sold out!

Lori Kitts (guitar, voice, piano) only has 1 spot left until she is completely sold out!

George Lawrence (drums) is now available on Fridays!

Susan Nielsen (voice, piano, violin) is almost sold out with a few after school openings on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

Michelle Quimby (guitar, Childbloom®, piano & more) only has a couple of openings left before she is sold out!

Jamie Seiple (drums, bass) has a few after school openings on Fridays and is available SATURDAYS!

Travis Strike (guitar,bass) has openings on Tuesday, Friday evenings and SATURDAYS!

Welcome New Year,

Welcome New Students!

Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music | New Students - Jan Feb 2015 Newsletter

Student(s) of the Month


Serene, Husam & Jafar D.

Farragut / Knoxville Academy of Music | Student(s) of the Month - Feb 2015

What instrument do you play? Serene & Husam – Piano. Jafar – Guitar

How long have you been taking lessons? Jafar & Husam – 1½ years. Serene – 10 months

Who are your favorite musical artists? Jafar – Rich Gang; Husam – Yanni & Ariana Grande;
Serene – my brothers Jafar & Husam

What are your other hobbies besides music? Serene – dance & sing; Husam & Jafar – soccer

Favorite Foods: Jafar – salad & soda; Husam – chocolate cookies!!!; Serene – vanilla ice cream

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in the past 3 months?
Serene – How to focus on music. Husam – “A Mixed Up Song.” Jafar – lots of new songs

Have you recently achieved something great? Jafar – yes… awesomeness.

What made you interested in taking music lessons? Serene – cool sounds the piano makes.
Jafar – guitar is cool. Husam – my dad taking lessons also.

Jeff’s Sports Corner

Knoxville Academy of Music | Jeffs Sports Corner

Although South Carolina ruined my perfect 5 & 7 predictions for the 2014 UT Football Vols, I’m still quite happy about the outcome of the season. Finishing at 7 & 6, with a bowl win, and a lot of starters returning, they look well poised for the next season.

Do you remember Justin Worley? He was the Vols starting QB at the beginning of the 2014 season who took quite a beating (29 sacks in the 7 games he played in), and suffered a season ending injury against Ole Miss.

Enter Nathan Peterman. Peterman starts against Bama, In the first 6 minutes Bama scores twice, the Vols offense is going nowhere, and Coach Jones decides to burn Joshua Dobbs’ red-shirt. At first they sputter, and Bama continues to have their way and half way into the 2nd quarter they lead 27-0.

But then something happens, the fleet-footed Dobbs is hard to tackle and Bama has trouble containing him. In fact if the game started over at that point the Vols would have won outscoring Bama 20-7 for the remainder of the game. With Joshua Dobbs at QB, the Vols were a team transformed.

I reserve the right to update my predictions for next season, but I’m going to go ahead and generously predict a 9 & 3 regular season. Looking at the schedule I see five almost sure wins, and one almost sure loss. Of the six that I believe are up for grabs I believe Tennessee picks up the home games, of which there are four.

Overly confident? Maybe. But B. Jones has the team thinking with a winning mindset and with Josh Dobbs coming back as QB I think things are looking pretty good.

Knoxville Academy of Music | Jeff's Sports Corner | 2014 Vols Football Predictions vs Final Results

Knoxville Academy of Music | Jeff's Sports Corner | 2015 Vols Football Predictions